Style Tips For Men


If you aren’t exactly the most snappy dresser or if you have a hard time figuring out what exactly looks good on you, don’t worry. So many guys find the first thing they want and buy it without considering some key factors. No more relying on your significant other to pick out clothes that fit your style, here are some tips for any man that doesn’t necessarily have the best eye for fashion.

Belts and Shoes –

While this tip may be a “soft ball”, some people do not think to match their belt to their shoes. A brown belt with black shoes, or vice versa, will make you end up looking immature. It’s a fair, yet rookie mistake to make, especially if you’re dressing for a business meeting or interview. Also, be sure to check out the kinds of belt buckles for men; a buckle can really pull the whole combo together.

Make Sure It Fits –

Clothes come in all kinds of different fits, like athletic or loose fit, that can throw some guys for a loop. Any clothing you wear ideally should be trim but not too tight. Nothing should be too baggy and pants shouldn’t reach past the top of your shoes.

belt buckles for men

Suits –

A really good suit is hard to come by, but they’re often required for a professional look. However, you can’t look professional if your suit doesn’t fit. Be sure to get your next suit tailor-made for your body for the best fit.

Colors and Patterns –

You might not think “color” is your style, but you may have just not looked hard enough. Finding colors and patterns that suit you make for a good change of pace from darker, more professional looking clothes.

Follow these tips and you’ll be looking sharper than ever in no time at all!