Planning A Spa Trip?


If you’ve never been to the spa before, you might have some loose concepts in mind that you’ve obtained from what you’ve seen in media or have heard from peers, but you may not be familiar with what to expect. If the concept of a “spa-day” makes you anxious, some information might do some good to alleviate that. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to expect before you delve into your spa experience. Most any spa in Napa Ca will be considerate of unfamiliarity and will assist you with any problems that you may have.

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Etiquette –

There are some basic unspoken rules that people come to expect you abide by when you visit. The first and foremost considerate thing to do is turn off your phone! The purpose of a spa is to relax and for most people, cell phone ringers are unpleasant and remind them of work or other kinds of duties. Think of it as a movie or a meeting; just don’t have your phone on. When you make an appointment, the staff expects you to be there when you said, so make sure to be on time.

For most, a massage kind of comes off as awkward and intrusive, but that’s essentially the point. They need to actually apply enough pressure so that your muscle tissue is massaged but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. Most spas will request you to “dress to your comfort level”, but the most of the time patients are stark naked under a sheet that remains over you the entire time. Clothes can affect the quality of the massage by making it harder for the masseuse to massage.  

Don’t be nervous about your trip, it’s supposed to be relaxing. Let the staff do what they’re best at and you can simply lay back and let go.