New Age Meditation


New age meditation is a relatively new wave of spiritual insight and contemplation. This spiritual movement is one that is based around introspection and self-reflection. One is to recognize that each person’s perception is specific to their specific soul and body. In other words, it is believe that you create the world around you as you perceive it. New age meditation focuses on viewing the world and the events that occur on it are an educational opportunity to follow your own path.

A popular form of new age meditation involves the use of new age crystals during self-reflection. The idea is that certain crystals contain certain healing energies that can be released during meditation if done correctly. There are also healing stones that are used in tandem with crystals, but the purpose of a crystal is drive one into deeper levels of meditation.

In the new age form of meditation, a lot of emphasis is put on spiritual ascension on a personal and cosmic level. The cosmic factor is where more aspects of astrology come into play with things such as planetary alignments and star signs. If aligned in such a way, energy released from the planets will vibrate at a different frequency that supposedly affects certain personality traits and events.

new age crystals

This movement adopts practiced ideals of meditation and spirituality, as well as maintaining a respect for ancient beliefs. A multitude of varying methods, tools, practices, and uses are all grouped well into the proverbial umbrella of new age meditation. Focusing on self-reflection is arguable the most beneficial aspect of meditation, whether you believe in the spiritual portion of it or not, introspection is helpful when it comes to solving problems or working on character flaws. New age meditation and crystal meditation is definitely worth looking into.