How To Plan A Funeral


The first step to be able to plan the funeral ceremony is to inform the competent authorities and friends about the death of your relative.

Tell the health authorities about this death so that the doctor can give you a medical certificate of death. In the event that the death has occurred in the public hospital, geriatric or sanatorium, the intervening doctor will corroborate this death. Remember that this document will be mandatory to record death in the competent state agencies.

If your family member has a funeral plan, you must call the insurance company to be assigned the funeral home closest to your home. If your loved one did not have this plan, you should contact the funeral home you prefer to continue with the procedures corresponding to your burial. Finally, notify family and friends about the death. You’ll have to contact caterers to get food for the funeral as well as funeral flowers Layton.

Although it is usually an overwhelming task, it is time to decide what type of funeral you want to perform.

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In times of so much pain it can be very difficult to think what kind of ceremony you would like to organize for your loved one. Do not hesitate to accept the help of your closest relatives to decide on the services you will hire.

Think about whether you want a traditional funeral or a ceremony in harmony with your religious beliefs to determine the type of burial, whether it will be held in a funeral home or place of worship, if the funeral home is large enough for guests to feel comfortable. If you choose the funeral or cremation of the body, if you want the visit of friends and family of the deceased or if it will be an intimate farewell.