How Hair Extensions Can Boost Your Self Confidence


What are extensions? They are pieces of synthetic hair which are attached to your natural hair to make it appear longer, thicker, or both. They may be “stitched” into the natural hair, glued, or come in removal pieces which may be attached as desired. Those which are more permanent tend to offer a look which is more natural.

There are many options available when choosing extensions Charlotte NC. You can decide on those which exactly match your natural hair, so that they simply add length or volume. You can add depth to your color by choosing those which are one to two shades lighter or darker. Or, make a bold statement by choosing those with unconventional colors such as those seen in the now infamous rainbow hair styles.

How can they boost confidence?

If you watch many movies, you will see that when someone is upset they decide to undergo a makeover transformation to make themselves feel better. While many feel this is cliché, there is psychological evidence that change is good for the psyche. It can initiate a boost in confidence, and even temporarily alleviate or curb the symptoms of depression.

This is because transformation is a vital part of the human condition, which makes people feel “brand new.” Feeling like a new person means ditching associations with the “old you.” Placing extensions in your hair can offer a very different look that is either subtle or a complete alteration. As a bonus, it makes anyone feel good to be a little pampered with selfcare, which is another benefit of going to the salon.

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You can further your change in appearance by pairing your extensions with a new hair color, getting your eyebrows done, getting a facial, teeth whitening, manicures, and pedicures if desired.